Recharge Your Soul: Give Yourself Some Love

As the song says. “Regrets, I’ve had a few.” And I guess most of us can probably identify with that. I hope yours have been “too few to mention”. Perhaps the biggest mistake of all is to not learn the lessons from our mistakes. Mistakes can result from something we say or do. But maybe you feel that what you didn’t say or do was a bigger mistake. Perhaps you have made choices that turned out to be wrong and which resulted in an experience that you would rather not have had. Whatever the mistake, you’ve survived it – it is now woven into the fabric of you and has contributed to you being the person you are.

Music plays a big part of the film since the Jack as a composer is always hearing his music which adds a dream like quality to everything that he does. In fact, very often we don’t know if he’s living in a hallucination or a dream since it’s very obvious that he slips in and out of reality from time to time.

Neither you nor your husband needs to feel stress this V-Day. It can be fun and an opportunity to do something special together and share your intimate love for one another.

As a woman, sugar mummy dating can actually be more challenging than you might think. An intimate evening is wonderful, but you might want to spruce it up with something. Again, what does the man in your life have interests in? If he is interested in auto racing or something, book a weekend trip to a race. It may not sound romantic at first, but it tells him you pay attention to what he likes.

However before you do anything that you may later regret, you need to look at what happened without being so emotional. If you still love your ex boyfriend and want him back, you must consider his side of the breakup too. It takes two people working together in order to make a relationship happy and long lasting. It also take two people to tear a relationship apart.

Back at the rehab, we see the music video/vodka poster girl telling the hard reality of his life which is she’s broke living the dream of someday being rich and famous. She’s on a big poster but it’s all a lie.

Anyway, with Ali’s week in Portugal over and the Jake/Vienna showdown in the books, I’ll just say this: Tune in next week for the hometown dates with Chris L., Frank, Kirk and Roberto. You know it’ll be good.

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Recharge Your Soul: Give Yourself Some Love

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