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Proms mark a rite of passage as high school juniors and seniors participate in their first big solo, grown up event. As with many other rites of passage which children endure, proms are also expensive. In some cases, they can be extremely expensive. For parents on a budget, finding ways to cut those prom costs without diminishing the memories or the teenage self image can be a challenge. With a little common sense and planning, prom can be an affordable event that even your teen will find acceptable.

In the research process, I picked up seven simple tricks that can help increase focus for a few seconds, a few hours, even a day if you take it very very slowly. Over a 30-day trial period I put them all to a test. Many I already did sporadically and just needed to incorporate them in regularly. I set up printed reminders and Outlook pop ups to keep them active.

Afterwards, head to the local ski lodge, or inside for a cup of warm hot cocoa and chocolate pie before ringing in the New Year bundled in blankets and sitting by the warm fire. If you’re at your local ski lodge, see if they have any fun activities or parties planned and hit one of those shortly before midnight to ring in the New Year with other party goers.

For a unique party experience, consider a black light party with plenty of glow sticks, music and fun. Black out windows with blackout curtains or black paper to avoid light coming in, and change all of your light bulbs to black light bulbs. To really give off a black light effect, drape walls in plenty of black if you can. You can also add strobe lights for a unique and different effect.

In addition to getting new threads, the contestants also got a hairstyle cut to fashion. Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves brought out the beauty in each of the contestants as he made the locks lovely.

If you love the outdoors, consider heading out for a night of moonlight skiing, sledding, or a horse and carriage hire for weddings ride. You could even play snow football, or pull sleds behind ATV’s.

So, I weeded through a stack of mumbo-jumbo (at least to me) medical journals, talked with some therapists and doctors, and came up with I’m about to share. Then I put them to a test. To my surprise, they worked. And worked darn well.

The best thing about a wedding theme is that it can give direction to your wedding planning. Choose one which expresses something about your style or your relationship, whether it is a traditional theme or something more out of the ordinary. In the end, the best theme for your wedding is the one that will make your guests exclaim, “that looks just like her!”.

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